Carpet Specialist

Carpet Specialist is a family owned business that was originally begun in the mid 1940's by Arthur Foye. A well known local company, it was a familiar landmark on Stroudwater Street in Westbrook.  Arthur later turned the reigns over to his son Peter, who continued the business until his son Bill took over.  Bill Foye has owned and operated the business his grandfather and father began for 15 years. Carpet Specialist is now located at 189 Park Road, Westbrook where it continues to grow under Bill's ownership.

Contact Us

189 Park Road
Westbrook, ME 04062

(207) 854-1312

Toll Free:
1-(877) 581-2200

Hours of Operation: Monday to Friday:
8:00 AM to 5:30 PM         

We Accept:
ATM Debit Cards,
MAC Cards,
Visa,  MasterCard,
Cash,  Check,
Money Order