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We remove existing flooring (if necessary), prep the floor, and install the new carpet and pad. We also finish off doors as necessary to fit to new flooring. Although we encourage our customers to have the area as clear as possible, we will do our best to assist in moving furniture items out of the way in preparation for installation.  



The first step in laying a wood or laminate floor is to remove any subfloor that is unsuitable for this type of flooring. We cut door jambs and prep doorways to accept the new floor. We also install 1/4 round trim if necessary at the baseboards. 



Floors (and/or walls) are prepped, whether the tile will be applied over new or existing subfloor. We use only recommended setting and grout materials. These components are carefully chosen to meet manufacturing specifications for installation. We ask that the work area be blocked off with absolutely no walking on the tile, until the floor is set and finished. 



Your basement can become an enjoyable space to enhance your lifestyle, whether it would be for a family room, game room or home theater space. Even if your basement is damp, there are affordable solutions to allow a finished floor to be installed. A carpet floor can add warmth and comfort to a basement floor. Talk with us; we can give you ideas for ways to treat a cement floor!

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